1. a single pharmaceutical tablet of any kind
2. birth control
3. ecstacy
4. an annoying or nagging person
5. a slang term for a basketball
1. "I had a headache this morning so I took two pills of aspirin."

2. "Naw, I rawdog it, my girl's on the pill."

3. "I took two pills of molly last night, man I'm ate up."

4. "Don't be a pill. I'll rake the yard when I'm good and ready."

5. "What's up with that rock, kid? Throw me the pill."
by Funthrax April 22, 2007
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" An Ecstacy tablet more commonly known in clubs across the land as a pill"

"Other names for this are
" Have you got any pills??"
by Mike Hughes October 31, 2004
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An ecstacy tablet consumed orally, snorted, whacked(Arm), anally.
"Has your pill hit you yet?"
"Yeah, I'm pilling really hard, man!"
by Diego June 23, 2003
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In albanian pussy.
Used to insult or to tell someone the other sex.
Instead of saying "i´ve fucked a girl" - It is said "I fucked a pussy".
Ca kam qi nji pill te mire mbereme - What a nice pussy I´ve fucked last night.
Pill i marre - Stupid girl
Pill i cmendur - The worst stupid girl
by Toni November 29, 2003
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Being so incredibly based and pilled that its all condensed into a single pilled pill. #pillpilled
im pill

Pill pilled, being so pilled that you're pill pilled.
by pilledman June 3, 2021
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