How you know if a girl loves you
Stop that you idiot before you hurt yourself
by Ghostgirl666 April 23, 2017
means when an man with 0 IQ Tries to do Something Bad To or Did Something To Somebody Or Something else.

Or Somebody who is Stupid
Stop You Idiot You Aren't Gonna Eat My Girlfriend
by Hardrum March 28, 2022
Guys stop swearing and saying slurs. This is a dictionary website not a website where we can be racist
by Stop being racist August 1, 2021
What you say to yourself when you see someone driving with their headlights off at night.

These people seem to not have a clue that the street in front of them is dark. The most likely causes of this idiocy are car gauges are automatically illuminated even with the headlight switch off making one think that their lights are on...or one thinks they have their switch on auto headlights when it is not.
Turn your lights on you idiot before you kill someone!!
by cpetkunas June 13, 2019
the most annoying, yet suprisingly amusing, popup, EVER!
you are an idiot! ha-hahah-haha-ha-aw
by creamalicious™ May 23, 2004
1) The first line in the song "Player's Anthem" By Junior M.A.F.I.A
2) The response to anything stupid (remark, action, etc.)
Coach: (4pm) "Okay guys we have a game in a little over 12 hours.
Player: "What is you a idiot?"

Fella 1: "I slept with that girl."
Fella 2: "You know she has herpes right?"
Fella 1: "Yeah, but she's hot"
Fella 2: "What is you a idiot?"
by Buzzinbody April 13, 2011