Noun. See also "Awesome". A person that exemplifies awesomeness. A man with an angellic face and the body of a god. Just saying the name will cause all womens panties to drop withing a 60 mile radius. Too much use of the name may cause health issues such as nosebleeds, myopoism, hangnail, the gout, shingles and anal and vaginal leakage.
That guy is so Jethro.

My vaginal leakage was caused by Jethro.
by fingablasstn June 26, 2013
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The w.t. (white trash) version of ghetto.
Making your kids watch ANOTHER "Scooby" tape while you and your friends smoke meth is so Jethro.
by dan stewart April 8, 2006
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Jethro is an amazing guy, really funny and friendly. But dont get on his bad side, he will try to help you no matter what.
Wow is that a jethro?
by Unknownxgirlx December 8, 2019
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Almost never an american, mostly an asian name. Whoever has this name has much SWAG. He is tall and somewhat amusing......
Your such a Jethro.
by Ezio467 November 8, 2011
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Jethro is very kind and caring on the inside and on the person he is adorable. He is funny, sweet and usually an asian or indian kid. Jethro is the best friend and is a keeper for a relationship. He's a little sensitive but be nice and don't cross the line when making moking jokes. But all in all Jethro is a great guy and great to be around
Person 1: I Can't come I am hanging with (Jethro)

Person 1: Lucky, wish i could come cuz (Jethro) is a legend

Person 2: I know right
by TommyBobJeff November 3, 2019
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name: wim - Single Male(altho not sure cos he has titties), plays tfc(or tries).
he is a funny guy when pigs fly
stop eating son, u dont wanna turn into a jethro dont u?
by jaak April 7, 2003
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To consume food with an insatiable appetite- an unquenchable hunger. The desire to eat as much as Jethro Bodine aka 'the six foot stomach' from The Beverly Hillbillies.
I didn't eat breakfast OR lunch today.. I am totally gonna Jethro when I get to that buffet after work!
by cousinfrozenface May 24, 2011
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