(Attempting to add a decent, more serious and accurate definition to the lot.)

In the United States, the most common use of the word refers to people originating from East and Southeast Asia (China, Japan, South/North Korea, Vietnam, among others). Indians and Pakistanis might be referred to as South Asians, where as Filipinos and Samoans might be called Pacific Islanders.

In England, "asian" most commonly refers to people of Indian or Pakistani descent, whereas "oriental" might refer to East and Southeast Asians (NOTE: "oriental" is certainly considered politically incorrect in the United States).
- I know she's Asian, but where is her family from?
- I think they emigrated here from Vietnam some years ago.

The Asian students presented a traditional Indian dance to their classmates.
by amg May 3, 2003
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a person from asia. duh. it does not insinuate anything in particular as asians came look and act in many different ways.
two of my best friends are asian, so is my boyfriend
by dfhaldkfjahlskdjfhalkdsjfh January 21, 2010
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A person from asia or is directly related to a person from asia.(children, parents, sibliings, etc.)
Chinese, Cambodians, Japanese, Koreans, Indians, etc.
by rei February 21, 2005
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the ultimate race. Everyone wants to be one, this was where hello kitty was born.
by azzzzznloveeeee June 2, 2009
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A person who is from a eastern oriental country such as China, Japan, or Korea. Asians are usually smart and have the following aspects although not limited to:
1. straight A's
2. strict parents
3. good at Math and Science
4. superb SAT and ACT scores
5. Ivy League college oriented
6. some can break dance and rap
7. good at video games
8. generally dominates at anything they set out to do

also, asians are considered nerds, but more of a cool-nerd type.
asian 1: hey, i got 2320 on my SAT!
asian 2: i got 2350!
asian 1: damn!

asian 3: fuck! i got an A- in english. shit, my parents are gonna kill me.

by definerX April 7, 2007
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a person who is more advanced and sees in widescreen hi-def, this makes asians good snipers. this is also why Jackie Chan can see anybody coming at him.
the only reason asians pwn me on halo is because he has widescreen hi-def in his eyes.
by [)ANTE SPAR[)A December 5, 2007
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