Term for something alcoholic, used commonly when offering someone a drink
Should I put the kettle on, or would you like something stronger?
by Scekhcsy Foxmonk December 28, 2010
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A highly recomended album by American metal band Black Label Society. Recommended for fans of any music genre, satisfaction is guaranteed.
I listened to Stronger than Death, and realized that I could easily crush any problems I faced in life.
by thissucksletsgogetdrunk October 16, 2009
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Song by the french duo Daft Punk that became a worldwide anthem for amateur video performers and mashupaholics. Just google for videos using that 4 magic words and voilà! Watch'em working.
- You know, man. (fast speaking) They're workin', makin', doin' harder, better, faster, stronger more than ever.

- Over?
by Antonimo55 July 10, 2008
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A Song Released in 2000 by Daft punk,was also included in the movie Interstella 5555. the album that the song was featured on was discovery.Samples Used In that Song : Cola Bottle Baby by Edwin Birdsong
Kanye west sampled daft punk's song Harder Better Faster Stronger.
by Retard-o-tron 2012 February 26, 2010
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1)a song by my favorite techno band daft punk.
2)could also b what a gurl screams during sex.
1)have u heard that song harder, better,faster,stronger by daft punk.
2)guy1:damn when me and my gurl was fuckin she screamed,"harder,better,faster,stronger.
guy2:did u put it on her?
guy1:i guess not.
by startastic August 13, 2005
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