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A series of alcholic beverages served in succession. They are usually served in shot glasses, but often in full size glasses.
All it took was some shots and I was out like a light.
by Denis Baldwin February 03, 2004
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(slang) A common saying in New Zealand, used to signify appreciation or thankfulness. It is a very flexible word that can be used in just about any scenario in which one thanks another...

When used in conjunction with the saying 'G', it is greatly emphasized.

This saying is greatly used throughout the Maori population, and even some Caucasian/Pakeha use this to thank one-another.
Scenario 1
"Yo wassup ma nigga?"
"Nuffin much G, just raxed this cunts chips, you want some you dirty cunt?"
"Shots cuz"

Scenario 2
"Yo nanna, can we get sum fish and chips?"
"Aw, fuck nanna, you the best; Shots"
by Just another white guy... November 19, 2013
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A small amount of an alcoholic beverege typically above 80 proof. Served in a small glass known as a tumbler. Variety of mixed shots; whisky is the most common straight shot in America.
by Shoes July 15, 2003
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Definition 1:
When someone is so messed up or burnt out that they can no longer funtion normally.
Definition 2:
When something is old or breaks and no longer functions correctly.
Example 1:
guy #1: Dude, you're SHOT!
guy #2: Yeah I am. I've been smooling all day and finished an ounce.
Example 2:
"Chuck that, it's shot."
by llamatits February 05, 2005
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1.) An alcoholic beverage in a tiny glass.

2.) Shotgun, to get the front seat in a car.

3.) To take a shot at someone.

4.) To describe something that no longer works.

5.) Someone who is drunk.

6.) To say thank you.

7.) To be wounded by a gun.
Ex.1) "Hey bartender, could I get another round of shots over here?"

Ex.2) "I call shot gun!"

Ex.3) "You're so ugly" *shot*

Ex.4) "Man, my brakes are shot!"

Ex.5) "Man, jeff is really shot."

Ex.6) "Shot for the fun evening!"

Ex.7) "AHH! Guys! I'm shot, get an ambulance!!"
by OMFGallthenamesaretaken June 27, 2009
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To thank someone for something they have done. A word often used by South African youths.
"Shot for the good times we've had"
"Shot for coming to my party dude"
"That was a really cool present, shot"
by emzvanz August 17, 2006
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when a human is clueless 25 hours of the day, does nothing productive, and is wasting good air
Nicholas Joseph sat on his ass all day, that kids shot.
by Khev October 27, 2010
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