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Local, less offensive version of Bastard. English
"You thick barstool"
by Smithsta February 09, 2004
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slut; someone who sleeps with anyone when drunk
"Becky, don't be such a barstool"
"Did you hear that Vicky was riding Dave after she got drunk? What a barstool."
by cursor March 09, 2015
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A woman who is sexually penetrated by 3 men at the same time, that is vaginally, anally, orally.
Kevin was very happy when he pulled a barstool at the snooker club, but less happy when he found she had given him a full house.
by Dunky Oggins November 30, 2003
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A particularly large, fiberous shit that you fear may approach the standard 24 to 30 inch height (and possibly require a c-section).
I could hear Chad screaming in agony as he constructed a massive barstool in the handicapped stall earlier. It sounded like he was in labor!
by Hattiesturd September 04, 2009
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The act of having sex with a girl and then hitting her over the head with a barstool.
The boy barstooled his girlfriend after he fucked her.

"I hope he doesn't barstool her," Steve remarked to his wife in a tone reminiscent of Peter Jennings.
by thirddegree February 25, 2003
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the runs one gets after a heavy night on the juice.
Damn I feel terrible - the shits running out of me like soup. All that tequila last night gave me bar stool.
by Franco V October 07, 2006
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