some sort of publication, usually mass-produced by photocopying (in some cases, scanned, put on the 'net, or copied via fax)on any range of topics, but usally filled with passion. a means of telling one's story, sharing thoughts, and/or artwork/comics/doodles.
"red hooded sweatshirt", a zine that has comics about the authors daily life and thoughts
by lori December 7, 2003
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a crudely-made magazine often dedicated to the thoughts and musings of its creator, and sometimes devoted to a particular art form or celebrity
by alex September 30, 2003
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Beer. Slang for Hefeweizen, a type of wheat beer. Can be used in reference to any beer type though.
We're going out for some zines!
by Mr. Creosote January 28, 2005
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"Zine" is short for fanzine. For all intensive purposes, a zine is a cheaply-made, cheaply-priced publication, often in black and white, which is mass-produced via photocopier and bound with staples.

Most zines revolve around a music scene of some sort, but others are dedicated to artwork, poetry, cartoons, editorials and short stories. Because zines do not have any sort of corporate backing, they are very rugged, individualized, and much more charismatic than larger, more popular magazines whose content is often dictated by their advertisers.
Have you read the latest issue of my zine? I have an in-depth interview with the singer from Pernicious Crotch Fungus!
by Nick_V February 6, 2005
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A female who may appear threatening to those she doesn't like, but who is genuinely lovely and sincere when she enjoys your company. I admire Zining because she is always willing to defend individuals who have been wrongly accused or hurt, making others feel cared for. She always goes out of her way to help others and is eager to learn about new people, making everyone around her smile. However, if you offend or betray her, she will not hesitate to fight back, making being her friend all the more special. She has a huge heart that she will constantly show. If you're on her bad side, you'd better flee because she'll come for you, no matter how nice she is. Zining is also incredibly hot; everyone says, "Wow," especially in bed…
Person 1: Who’s that girl she’s so hot?
Person 2: That's Zining, I know she’s really sexy and kind which is something you don’t see every day!
by crustybabes June 17, 2021
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the word was coined around the 70s (way before I was born) during the days when people discarded all syllables but the last. (pizza = 'za, matches = 'ches... seems like only 'zine survived.)

So it's basically a crudely made magazine.

Mostly punk/poetic/indie/misunderstood/lost/artsy/goth/loner/whatever teenagers do it now.

They write/draw whatever they want on pieces of paper, photocopy, staple, and sell them for anywhere from a few dimes to a few bucks. Many are also free.

If you buy a zine for over $2, you got ripped.
In my opinion, if you charge more than a dollar, you suck. You've more than broken even, you blood sucking capitalist.
by rise up rise against June 21, 2004
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