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Expensive private school in Atlanta Georgia. Difficult to get into. Many people apply just to say they got accepted, then go to a state university saying they'd rather stay closer to home
Emory is like unprotected sex - you're glad you got in but mad that you came.
by alex February 17, 2005
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To love ones being on earth. Enchanting emotions
by alex November 9, 2003
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E-San, Creater of everything and everyone, I am but below god and above satan, I live between the mogs in which I expand my life, both religion and mind.
by alex November 9, 2003
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giant person or animal

from northern european folklore
"there is an etten in them thar hills"
by alex November 18, 2004
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A strain of weed that is very powerful, and rare. Exotic marijuana inludes, but is not limited to, white widow, mango, purple haze, and northern lights. It really depends on location, and avalibility. Although one strain might be considered exotic in one town, it could be commonplace in another. Exotic weed is almost always the most expensive, and often the best available.
I was high after only one bowl of that exotic.
by alex February 23, 2005
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legal resident of the United States; not really a nationality since everybody came here from somewhere else
by alex April 3, 2003
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a fight or struggle between two or more people
I got into this huge anger orgy with my mom.
by alex October 25, 2004
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