4 definitions by Mr. Creosote

An enigmatic, rarely seen firearms player
-see choob
I can't believe it! Lumbar magnot stepped on a claymore for the nth @#%*ing time
by Mr. Creosote March 23, 2004
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Half man, half homo, much like a minotaur being part man part beast. A close cousin to Metrosexual. A man that knows more about womens shoes, hair salons and the mall than many women. Probably not gay, but very close.
That homotaur is going to see some Hugh Grant movie, while we watch the the Pat's kick ass in the Super Bowl!
by Mr. Creosote January 29, 2005
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Angry Wife Syndrome - The common habit that all married women develop. A tactic used by wives for centuries to intimidate their husbands into getting their way. Also used to deny husbands of any fun.
Man! Poor K-Taur couldn't come out drinking cuz he was afraid of a ration of AWS.
by Mr. Creosote January 28, 2005
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Beer. Slang for Hefeweizen, a type of wheat beer. Can be used in reference to any beer type though.
We're going out for some zines!
by Mr. Creosote January 28, 2005
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