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what they stand for: Act Now To Stop War and End Racism. They are a good group, and have organized a lot of protests, although I have to admit these protests seemed to have no effect whatsoever
The protests are never specific enough. These days, ANY protest is automatically mutated into an anti-irag-war and pro=palestine. The message shouldn't be so diluted. There are always like 10 different ideas and you're not really sure if you went for the right reason

But anywho, answer is great; they strive for equality in the world
by rise up rise against June 13, 2004
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Orwellion concept.

A crime that you are guilty of because you are THINKING of doing something bad. (i.e. In 1984's Oceania, spending time alone is almost a crime because it's considered odd, and odd people are a threat to a stable environment such as theirs.)

also, see patriot act. (i.e. when you check anarchist cookbook out from the library or something, the gov might have the right to go into your home and tap your phone and computer. And it's all perfectly legal since you might be a terrorist.)
by rise up rise against June 21, 2004
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not just some stupid movie.

The suspension of normal civil law and its replacement by strict military control.

Imposed during crises, emergencies or civil unrest.

Military rules ALL.

suspension of rights and freedoms
Iraq, maybe, after the June 30 pseduo handover.
by rise up rise against June 21, 2004
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Mayor of San Francisco.

Before, I was doubtful of this man.

But if it weren't for this his daring, our country might never know what it's like to have gay married couples living in our nation (doesn;t feel any different than before.)

If it werent for Newsom, a lot of people would still think gay marriage = apocalypse.

I'm very impressed by what he's done in his first year alone (the only other SF mayor I ever knew was Brown, who did jack shit for all these years.)
BUT I have beef with: his handling of homelessness, the fact that he is very pro-biotech, and the fact that I wouldve wanted to see a green party guy win. (certainly came very close!)
by rise up rise against June 21, 2004
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Something you say after you fuck up. This way, people will think you have actually succeeded when in fact you have failed so miserably your former supporters have crossed over.
Mission Accomplished in Iraq, eh?
by rise up rise against June 16, 2004
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City by the pacific Ocean. We have 10 months of winter here and like two of summer.

Places of interest:
We have the Haight and Ashbury area, which really isn't what it used to be.
We have Chinatown, which is smelly and stuffy and crowded all the time. We have a great view, especially from Twin Peaks. We have the alcatraz (sp?) island, and the cable cars are pretty rad.
Like, 40% of this city is made up of Asian people.
by rise up rise against June 13, 2004
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usually an indie movie or film. When this word is used, I tend to imagine that it is cheaper or free as opposed to when it's CALLED a movie or a flm.

Indie elitists use this term to sound cool, as do I.
1. Let's go watch the (insert film here) screening tonight.

2. I heard they're screening (insert film her) at (x location). Let's go watch.
by rise up rise against June 21, 2004
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