a common phrase said by teachers when students aren't doing work.
by SurreyWhat September 6, 2008
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A phrase that essentially means huh or "what did you say?".

Mainly used in southern states by young people with bad hearing.

Often shortened to "Do what?".
Person: "I need a large fries"
Person2: "Do what?"
by Katie Tran July 22, 2005
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(Question) characterised by meatwad off the series Aqua Teen Hunger Force, used when you didn't understand what someone said or you didn't hear them. The other person will usually undersand if they need to just repeat it or if they need to explain.
-"Do you want black or refried beans?"
"Do what now?"
"Black or refried beans?"
"Oh, I'll have black."

_" You take the berometer and connect it to the zaphillyus maxumus enabling rich fuel injection through the phallangies"
" DO what NOW!??"
" Put that peice together with that one"
by chriscl July 31, 2006
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common response, said very quickly as if it were one word, to any question or statement that comes across as incoherent.
"hey, did you take the yeah for a few?"
by heterodox March 3, 2005
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n. A phrase used in place of "excuse me?" or "what?" when something is misunderstood. Commonly used by rednecks and others who don't know the difference between your and you're.
Person: Mumble mumble mumble?
Redneck, Southerner, etc.: Do what now?
by roller May 3, 2005
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This phrase is famously used by many teachers around the globe. Originated in North High School by the one and only Mr. John “Z” Zak, the best teacher ever, this phrase is used to express to the students that they should drop everything and get started on that do now that is probably posted on google classroom unless technology is being a pain.
“Lets get started on that Do Now!”
I can’t help you right now, I am doing my Do Now!”
“Michael, do your Do Now, now!”
“Do Now”
Please stop talking and do your Do Now”
by Algebro260 April 7, 2022
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