short for "penis"
Fake zine.
Genuine zine.
Jack zine.
by Badaszine October 19, 2008
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a very blueish colored bush that everyone eats
this zine tastes sooo good! I WANT MORE!!!!!
by javi chi April 17, 2005
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A combination of ball sucking and a blow job. It is something you have never felt before and it will leave you with a ten day long boner. It can only be produced by a rare species of zine that hails from the inner rain forests of Brazil.
Bro 1: Yo man that chick totally gave me a zine job
Bro 2: Holy Fuck man! I fuckin want a zine job so bad!
Bro 1: My dick's been hard for days!
Bro 2: Stellar!
by Ziner-bags September 12, 2009
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A website following the style and subject matter of a "zine." The "E" is e-zine stands for "electronic," similar to the e in e-mail. "Zine" derives from the word "magazine."
"Have you seen his e-zine? It's friggin awesome."
by David December 16, 2004
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A magazine is a term used by the Left, particularly in American politics, as a magazine, especially a news magazine, whose leadership is Pro-Trump or at least overall Pro-Trump, or leans in favor of being Pro-Trump or at least overall leans in flavor of being Pro-Trump; the term is derived from the Pro-Trump acronym slogan, "MAGA," which is used in the Trump Campaign.
The difference between a magazine and a magazine, is that magazines' political leanings are objective, and magazines' political leanings are Pro-Trump, hence the bracket used for Trump's acronym slogan, "MAGA."
by Sebastian Robertson January 30, 2020
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the tight knit group of people on aol, in the e-zine world. find it by going to the message boards.
"pallette" is the best zine in the zine world!
by cote April 6, 2004
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