If you were a horror author in the mid-1990s into the mid-2000s, you'd find your way on here and featured eventually. Noted for ushering writers who also turned publishers like Mike Philbin (Hertzan Chimera), Kealan Patrick Burke (as he disowns The Clause), Trent Zelazny (as he eventually worked with me on my first magazine's issue, and the third issue) and a host of others.

In 2003 Wraith Knox introduced Nicholas Tillemans who became part of the second Chimeraworld anthology, as some of the roster became part of Tabloid Purposes as some joined in the sequels. It is known as a who's who in the small press as the independent press introduced bizzaro fiction, neo-traditional, Stygian Memoir (the creative nonfiction subgenre that is an offshoot of Gothic Horror and Gonzo Journalism,) alt. history ala 1990s, and horror that became from the post-9/11 world as it was a touchy subject to approach. Being dark about September 11th was a bit taboo.

Noted for invoking a huge fuck you factor for publishing The Fandom Writer from being on FictionPress earlier that year as it was written from returning after attending Goth Convergence in Chicago. Janice Frank in 2004 while she was still alive; defecated on House of Spiders. I taunted, "The more you bastards flame on this one, all you're doing is giving it an even more potent sting."
Fandom Wank: you know that wop we were taking turns on.

mindset: yeah
The other blogtroll: Shit he appeared on House of Pain E-Zine with that notorious story. Was the editor trying to piss us off when she included it?

According to an e-mail they had -- they expressed a mutual hatred for Poppy Z. Brite.

Gruesome Cargo in an interview with him on AuthorsDen said it grabbed her attention and noted to be the most accessible short story on the site. The Fandom Writer and The Ferryman's Wheelchair are both progressively disturbing in their own ways.

All of them: JESUS have you seen the rest of the featured on there, some of them are a collective brood of utter sick fuck fictioneers. Have you seen the story called BUKKAKEWORLD? Two of the writers wrote a novel called BOYFISTGIRLSUCK. There are a few publications circulating around that's pretty damn close to the controversial e-zine as one of them did a very dark incarnation which became known as The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five noted for introducing two writers from the Edgar Allan Poe fandom and two from fictionpress. It's also noted to have The Pattern Of Diagnosis which has a very haunting echo of David Foster Wallace -- he included this under the encouragement of a Goth model named Tragic Wrath. The interview between him and Hertzan Chimera saw a sabertooth nature where it rivaled The Boondocks with the episode known as BET Sucks.
by illinoishorrorman May 3, 2018
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to zine means to think somethings pretty cool or dope
When you are zineing it means you are doing cool stuff. It does not aim for a certain style of cool and depends on one individual‘s definition of cool
It can also be used as an insult for a person being too cool
So how‘s the nightlife in berlin?

Most people are posers but I met some zines
by embracingclouds December 20, 2020
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It is a gay magazine. That simple
gay person- "have you read the latest zine''
other gay person "yes, it was very interesting"
by ezsxrdctfvygbuhn October 12, 2021
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Well let's say he s that type of jerk who s confusing u can t really understand what s going on with him,he s fun overprotective he s always there for u no matter,he s very rare to find as a friend once u get it u should try your best to keep him by your side
I ve been annoyed by how Zine el abidine treats me
That means u guys r so close
by -¥?;¥-¥ November 21, 2021
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