Combination of fan and zine. Often a low-budget or amateur publication devoted to the fan appreciation of a particular celebrety or musical act.
My cousin puts out an Elvis fanzine that she hands out at record swaps.
by unidyne November 26, 2003
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Combination of fan and zine. Coined in 1940 by Maryland sf fan L. Russell Chauvenet to apply to the amateur publications put out by sf fans (as opposed to "prozines," the professional magazines). (Previously they had been called "fan magazines" but the new term was promptly adopted since "fan magazines" also meant professional magazines put out at the time about movie stars.) The term has since been coopted by any number of interest areas where amateur publications are involved, including but not limited to rock.
I used a mimeograph to publish my fanzine.
by rich brown August 8, 2004
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Its actual meaning is a Magazine that is written by fans.

However we have changed the meaning of this fabulous word to meaning a womens trinket box. Fabulous. A.K.A vagina, pussy, cunt, twat and money purse.

Depends on the circumstances where you use this word.
"God damn she is a hot piece of Fanzine"

"Ur such a fanzine"

"Want me to touch ur fanzine?"
by T Tone April 14, 2007
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