its basically a site where you could put your deepest darkest secrets and thoughts and have people respond. Its a site where you could put your most embarrassing, personal thoughts that you wouldn't even tell to a psychiatrist!
I went on Yahoo Answers and secretly described and asked my thoughts about sex.
by tatomuck1 September 23, 2008
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A site on Yahoo where people ask questions and usually receive answers. However it has been infiltrated by trolls, is rarely fixed when needed by Yahoo, people constantly report for nonsense reasons, and, especially in P&S and R&S, people roll and clog up the site.
Yahoo Answers is a fun site to see the questions.
by happyatcommonsense September 15, 2015
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Yahoo! Answers is a question & answer website run by Yahoo! with a specific point system unique to the site.

There are 7 different levels which are used to guage a person's usage of the site. About a year ago they actually meant something but now once you're at level 5 on the site you're as far as you can go.

There have been countless complaints directed at Yahoo! Answers and Yahoo! Customer Care for "wrongful violations" in which case trolls, spammers or personal haters would use the user-abuse-reporting tool excessively in which most cases they were automatically processed resulting in Q&A being taken down and even entire deletion of Yahoo! accounts. My personal advice from use of the site: don't use Answers and have your primary email on the same Yahoo! ID, bad idea.
Oh well, I just got kicked off Yahoo! Answers for the 20th time today, I'll just go and open a new account since I'm not IP banned.
by Sid Barrett September 11, 2007
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An extremely addictive website that will brutally murder your social life.
Guy: "Do you wanna go out tonight?"

Girl: "No, that's ok. I have plans." *grabs laptop and gets on Yahoo Answers*
by spunkaroo January 01, 2010
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I site that's only good when you're not the one asking a question; laugh at all the douches that know nothing, but ask something you really need to know and you'll never get it answered.
You: Ha ha dude this cheerleaders fucking stupid. Yahoo Answers is the best website!

Me: Unless you're trying to find out how to play ukulele. Darn assbox sucks men all over.
by Justateyourlunch. Hoe. April 22, 2009
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a website where you can answer and ask questions. But some people use this website as a pasting time. Just like any other website, there are people call, "Trolls". Who go around deleting your ansers for no reasons or ask stupid questions like, "How can i get my pet high on weed?"
person 1: I'm bored
person 2: go on yahoo answers then. You can ask and answers questions
person 1: thanks
by punchie-247 July 14, 2009
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An evil website hell-bent on removing the balls from Americans and turning them into pussies
I'm 13 am I old enough for my boyfriend to finger me?

Sure it's completely natural.

by St3nDahL July 03, 2010
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