The Ukulele, or Uke for short, is a four string, six string, or eight string instrument. It is originally from Portugal. The Hawaiians named the instrument the Ukulele, meaning Jumping Fleas when they saw the rapid movement of the Portuguese musicians.
Hawaiians adopted the instrument and it is a part of the local culture. For years, local people have been playing the ukulele as accompaniment or solo instruments. It is common to hear families at night singing to one in their backyard or to see kids walking around with them at school.
The Ukulele comes in diferent sizes. The soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone are most common. Tenor size ukes can be found with six or eight strings. The four-string ukes are tuned in G-C-E-A.
Families and friend "Kanikapila," or play music at gatherings and parties.
Ikaika: Howzit, brah?
Kawika: Eh, I'm doin' good.
Ikaika: You like come my house afta sku an' we kanikapila? Bring your ukulele n we jam, ah.
Kawika: Shootz, brah. Da uke stay at da house. I go afta sku n pick em up. Lataz!
by SHOOTZ CUZ January 25, 2006
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A small guitar used to control a monkeys sexual drive.
Hey dude good thing I used that ukulele!
by Sprinkle2 November 11, 2015
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small hawaiian guitar. pronounced (oooh-KUU-leh-leh) NOT (you-kuu-lay-lee). get it strait haoles.
me and my cousin like playin the ukulele.
by ypahu June 29, 2006
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A ukulele, or uke, is a small gutair-like instrument that originated in Hawaii. this instrument sends out good vibes as it is played and brings a smile to everyone's face when it is played (if it is in tune!)
We love to play the ukulele!
by islandgirltyler16 May 8, 2015
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james: Ukuleles are a disgrace to guitars!
chad: Not everything with strings that makes noise is a fucking guitar rip off you braindead idiot
by ReesesPuffsWrds March 27, 2022
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a child-sized guitar that obese Hawaiian's and secretly gay men play when they are tempted to eat cheeseburgers or think of man love.
Sean seems to play the ukulele a lot when Ken walks by his office.
by Elms January 10, 2006
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Small "guitar" from hawaii. Sounds gay and oh so irritating.
James: I am going to buy an ukulele for the sole purpose of smashing it into bits
Gerald: Yeah, go do that. They are an insult to guitars.

Penny: wow, those small guitars are cute!
James: ... *smashes ukulele over Penny's head*
by ukuRgey December 25, 2009
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