Impetuously determined; willing to do whatever it takes to make something happen, even against the odds.
"I'm hell-bent on making a yoga studio a success in the hood. Maybe gang banger Wednesday will be a draw - 'I know you're down with your dawgs, but are you down with downward dog?'"
by Toridragon July 3, 2006
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very determined, recklessly eager
She is hell-bent on finding him and seducing him.
by The Return Of Light Joker December 12, 2007
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adj. Bound and determined; cannot be dissuaded by logic or reason.
Al-Qaeda was hell bent on crashing those planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon.
by fizzle March 27, 2004
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Extremely determined to get a certain outcome.
Carson is very hell-bent to live at the lodges at west edge.
by mattmorrison7 October 17, 2019
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To be totally metal, generally related to Judas Priest, motorcycles, and being fast.
That dude looked like he was hell bent for leather.
by ross koby May 11, 2008
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A nonsensical degree of bullshit that doesn't even apply in hell.
The Karen walked up to the car and started spewing all sorts of hell bent bullshit.
by Dreudian April 14, 2023
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