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Emola is a highly infectious disease that spreads rapidly through humans and causes severe injury to those infected or even death.

Emola spreads quickly through humans although it strangely has a higher transmition rate in those aged 13 to 24. Anyone can come down with the disease but the elderly and young infants to toddlers rarely come down with it.

Emola is spread through shared needles, most bodily fluids including tears and in some rare cases emails or other forms of electronic communication such as MySpace, FaceBook, web sites promoting rock bands or online dictionaries that define terms in pop culture.

Symptoms of emola include uncontrollable crying, tendency to complain, tendency to inflict personal harm, tendency to cause property damage, addiction to social networking sites, addiction to the color black, addiction to rock music with high-pitched vocal ranges and heavy use of power chords, uncontrollable harsh criticism of anything for no apparent reason and may possibly lead oneself to committ suicide. Treatment includes many different options but mostly includes sitting in a nearly deserted room with no sharp objects colored with bright colors with a smiling psychologist from some big-name university or college sitting in front of you with just a table in between the 2 of you with a "mirror" on one wall and hidden cameras placed everywhere in the room.

There is no known prevention for emola at this time except staying away from people who have contracted the disease and cutting off all forms of communication with them.
I really hope Susan gets over her case of emola , she screamed at me last weekend because I wasn't wearing black and I didn't bring my pocketknife for her.
by Sid Barrett December 24, 2007
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1. (noun) A discount on a purchase given typically to a very attractive person even when they don't work there.

2. (noun) A discount given to employees just to keep the money there and not have it go to competitors.
1. Cashier: "What do you think? 15% or 20%?"
Friend: "I'd say 20%."

2. Cashier: "You work over there and you're not using your employee discount from them?"
-Competition worker: "No, even with the discount it's still cheaper here."
by Sid Barrett August 24, 2008
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#1: A song by Don McLean. It's a vague history of Rock starting with the death of Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper and some other person I can't remember right now and ending with the introduction of the Rolling Stones (Mick Jagger is known as Satan in the song, "...And Satan on the sideline in a cast" refers to an injury Mick had). It is believed that the name of the song came from the airplane that crashed but in reality the plane could only be identified by it's aircraft pin number, it had no name and never was named. The title of the song is therefore truely unknown.

#2: A movie about teenagers who want to loose their virginity. It is a very quotable movie, for example "I did my fair share of... masturbating in my days, I used to call it stroking the salami. You know your Uncle Herman used to pet the one-eyed snake five, six times a day." Even the weird guy gets laid in the end but he does it with someone's mom, hence the playing of Simon and Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson" as the scene cuts out to the next person.
1. American Pie is as easy to sing as pie.

2. We should pull an American Pie one of these days and see who's the last person left out of the bed.
by Sid Barrett July 5, 2007
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The general panicy feeling felt by students taking AP classes in high school.
Amy: Jen, where's my psych book?? WHERE'S MY PSYCH BOOK??!!
Jen: Calm down; apparently those therapy sessions didn't help, you still have AParanoia.
by Sid Barrett September 17, 2008
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A Smoker's Signature is a way to tell if someone smokes but this method is not 100% accurate but it can be used as an indicator that someone smokes.

The actual signature is that when a smoker sneezes they will not make much sound because their lungs can't hold in as much air as non-smokers can. Their lungs are often constricted as if they have asthma and therefore will not retain much air inhaled before they sneeze.
Jackie has a distinct Smoker's Signature, her sneezes are tiny compared to her swimmer friend.
by Sid Barrett February 2, 2008
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SNF is short for Sunday Night Football currently aired on NBC. It's another money guzzler thing the major American football broadcasting companies are pulling.
I watched SNF as my final gasp before the work week started again but it was one hell of a Sunday finale; Cowboys-Eagles at 1, Giants-49ers at 4, Colts-Pats on SNF at 7 and Packers-Bears on MNF.
by Sid Barrett September 9, 2007
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A complete beginner at guitar. "Smoke on the Water" (SOTW) by Deep Purple is one of the easiest guitar songs to learn and is typically a guitar player's first song. A SOTWer is therefore a person who claims that they can play guitar yet "Smoke on the Water" is the only song that they know how to play.
-"Wow, that kid is such a SOTWer, he's been playing the same thing over and over."
-"Yeah, why'd he try out for the guitar spot then?"
-"Beats me, he's gonna need a few lessons to really learn something good."
by Sid Barrett June 22, 2007
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