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Musical TeleVision Boycott.

The MTVB is an organization of underground musicians, songwriters, psychologists and activists who are persuing an active boycott of MTV, its parent company of Viacom and all advertisers who advertise on any of MTV's web sites or channels. Every action of theirs is underground and very little is leaked to the public. For this reason they don't have a website, MySpace or any other way to mass communicate and almost all MTVB actions and orders are spread by word of mouth. MTVB is closely related to the PMRM, the Popular Media Reformation Movement. The organization has prohibited almost all electronic use of communication in regards to organization matters including IM and email for fear of their actions being discovered by someone outside of the organization who could collapse the movement.

MTVB's membership numbers are estimated at approximately 600,000 but they're mainly concertrated in NYC, New York state and Connecticut along with the upper portions of New Jersey although there are likely members from all 50 states and the eastern provinces of Canada.
MTVB is like PETA gone totally underground; I have no idea what the top dogs in there are doing and almost no one knows who they are.
by Sid Barrett June 25, 2007
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This is a term derived from the Skittles catchline "Taste the rainbow". To shoot the rainbow you must have Skittles-infused vodka and you must take consecutive shots of each of the 5 flavors (normally Skittles vodka requires separation of the different colors, otherwise you just get disgustingly sweet vodka). Some people use various color orders when shooting the rainbow but the most common order goes red (strawberry), orange (WTF do you think the flavor is if the thing's color is "orange"?), yellow (lemon), green (lime) and lastly purple (grape). Sometimes red and yellow are switched so that the order goes by color depth or some people just by their own taste.
The bartender last night said that they had made a lot of Skittles-infused vodka and recommended that we shoot the rainbow. He might as well have been selling crack since we all got 2 rounds of 5 shots and wanted more!
by Sid Barrett January 21, 2011
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Flotsam is a term used by year-round residents of Cape Cod MA to describe people who come up to the Cape only for the summer. It is said that on the Cape that "For every piece of real flotsam here we have 100 summer flotsams to equal that." It's a typical Natives vs. Anything-but-Natives arguement.
The flotsam in P-Town is really bad, all the tourists come to go whalewatching or go shopping.
by Sid Barrett August 19, 2007
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Lemmy, the nickname for Ian Fraser Kilmister, is a singer and bassist for the speed metal band Motorhead.

Lemmy has been the only consistent member of Motorhead since the first lineup was created in 1975. Over the years several musicians have filled the spots at the drums and guitar but Lemmy stayed consistent.

Lemmy also has had several reoccuring problems with drugs. In fact in 2005 he openly stated that he believed that heroin use should be legalized, saying that it would eliminate the drug dealers from society. Lemmy has made other controversial statements regarding drugs even when he was a member of Hawkwind.
"We want to be so loud that if we moved in nextdoor to you your lawn would die." -Lemmy
by Sid Barrett January 26, 2008
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1. A person who has never had sex for whatever reason.

2. Alcohol-free if a drink is typically served containing alcohol.
1. Finding a virgin who's a freshman in college is rare. A college grad who's a virgin is a lot rarer.

2. I got a virgin pina colada since I'm really starting to feel those real ones I had earlier.
by Sid Barrett December 12, 2009
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A river bitch is a poker term to describe a player who folds, or gives up their hand, on the river or the last card shown for the community cards in Texas Hold 'Em. Normally if they are the first to act they will check and will have a hand where they didn't know if they wanted to stay in or give up their hand.

Poker players are likely to be river bitches if they are very conservative players and don't bet much at a given time. River bitches in some cases will want to avoid showing their cards after the betting round after the river if they think their opponent(s) has a better hand.
Jake, stop being such a river bitch! That's the 8th time you've folded on the river tonight.
by Sid Barrett August 6, 2007
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A catch in American football made with one or both hands while the ball is in contact with the player's helmet as they're down either by the natural physics of falling or by contact.

Refers to the catch made by David Tyree of the Ney York Giants in Super Bowl XLII.
Wow! That was an insane Tyreeception! He was sandwiched by safeties as he came down with that ball!
by Sid Barrett December 31, 2009
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