When toothpaste is applied to the nipples, often resulting in highs lasting an hour or so.
Student 1: "Hey did you do the homework last night?"
Student 2: "No man I tried pasting."
Student 1: "I heard about that! how was it???"
Student 2: "Amazing man...Amazing"
by themoreyouno May 7, 2012
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Putting toothpaste on one's nipples with the intent of getting lightheaded or high.
Johnny was out of weed so he started pasting to get his fix.

My father cut me off after he found out I was pasting.
by Broseph_Isa May 6, 2012
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serious form of drug abuse, performed by applying toothpaste (and lotion) to the nipples and letting the chemicals sink in.
Mark: Man, I got so high yesterday.
Steve: Oh, no, you weren't pasting again, were you?
by Shawarma1 May 7, 2012
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The act of liberally applying toothpaste to your nipples to get high.
"Dude we're gonna do some pasting later...you down?"
"I don't know man, what happens?"
"You get sooo high."
"Yeah I'm in then!"
by Anonymous167284 May 8, 2012
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Pasting is the act of rubbing tooth paste on one's nipples in order to get high, it is currently becoming very common in teenagers throughout the world.
Billy: Hey man have you been pasting again?
Bob: Hell yeah man, I got so fucking stoned.
by LeNewMeMe May 7, 2012
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When someone gets beaten up so badly, they become physically unrecognisable.
If that cunt even so much as looks at my girlfriend, I'll give him a good ol' pasting!
by teknonutter June 29, 2005
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to root someone beyond senseless
"How did Watto go with that chick last night"
"He gave her an absolute pasting"
by Stuart Deane January 1, 2006
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