A phrase used when someone says that they will do something and chicken out at the last second
guy 1:im gonna jump
guy 2:do it already
guy 1:i cant do it
guy 2:yeah you wouldn't
by liquid enigma January 28, 2012
You probably wouldn't get it
Her: why do you always say, you wouldn't get it
Me: you wouldn't get it
Her: why do you keep saying that? Where's it from?
Me: you wouldn't get it
by You wouldn't get it November 5, 2019
'You wouldn't understand' refers to the meme: It's a _____ thing, you wouldn't understand.

It's a (insert anything you can think of: 'Person/First Name' 'Place/Jersey' 'Thing/Jeep') thing, you wouldn't understand. If you can think of it, it's been inserted into this meme.

The original phrase was "It's a black thing, you wouldn't understand". I could not find when it originated, but the earliest found it mentioned was in a book published in 1991 by Eugene Victor Wolfenstein, a social theorist and psychoanalyst, titled 'The Victims of Democracy: Malcolm X and the Black Revolution'.
It's a black thing, you wouldn't understand. It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand. It's an Anime thing, you wouldn't understand. It's a Jersey thing, you wouldn't understand. It's a browncoat thing, you wouldn't understand.
by bizfossy December 15, 2017
when a challenging situation is presented, the phrase is used to provoke a person to attempt the challenge. Also used to taunt or encourage to fail.

Origin: Said when opposing team shoots a 3 point shot at high school basketball games.
person 1: What if i shot a firework at my moms car?

person 2: Dude, heard you wouldn't

(Can also be used in different cases such as: heard you couldn't, heard he wouldn't, etc...)
by Mer-Sal Pals January 4, 2013
An idiotic PSA comparing pirating a 1 GB movie file and stealing a full blown $50k+ 2 ton vehicle. The phrase was a part of an anti-piracy campaign called "Piracy, It's a Crime" created by Motion Picture Association. The PSA paints piracy as a bad thing even though it helps people living in 3rd world countries, aids developers test out software, and opens artists up to a whole new world of software.

"You wouldn't download a car" is a common variant of the phrase, originally created by Reddit user augreeko on /r/funny.
you wouldn't steal a car
you wouldn’t steal a handbag
you wouldn’t steal a television
you wouldn’t steal a movie

Downloading pirated films is stealing,
stealing is against the law,
by DisgustingWeebs February 20, 2017
This expression is frequently used at public meetings taking place in localities across the whole of the UK. A meeting will be called to discuss such contentious issues as the removal of gypsy/travellers' sites or the influx of immigrant workers into a given community and, as tempers flare and fists shake, the shout will invariably go up: "You wouldn't get this in France!"

An allusion to France in the positive can be said to be unusual in Gall-hating Britain, but most Brits will concede a begruding respect for French militancy and people mobilisation during national debates - the roadblocks that kept petrol prices from going up being one example. Also, British people so applauded the outlawing of muslim headgear in French schools that the enmity of centuries could be felt to thaw almost over night. Therefore "You wouldn't get this in France" is an indirect form of the blanket, scapegoating racism I've become accustomed to in both countries.
Chair: So I've tabled a motion for keeping the travellers' site right on your semi-detached doorsteps.
Angry braying Uk homeowners: You wouldn't get this in France. I'm off to get my pitchfork.
by DPMars October 6, 2006
said by a person to get on another persons nerves. usually the other person is asking a question. with which the first person responds with "you wouldnt understand, youre not in college". this can be said over and over and over again
sara: "how was dinner?"
Ryan: "you wouldn't understand, you're not in college"
sara: "but YOURE not in college either?!:
Ryan: "exactly. you wouldnt understand that because youre not in college"
sara: "but you arent in college so you wouldnt understand either!"
ryan: "you wouldnt understand, youre not in college"
sara: "thats it! we are through!"
ryan: "I dont thing you understand that terminology, youre not in college?"
by WhatsYourName?YouWouldntUnders February 18, 2010