A shameful site when it comes to Q&A and costumer service, I don't even know why it's the "2nd most visited". It probably has that title because mostly everyone I know goes on there to troll. Though, it's a pretty kick ass site when it comes to trolling and spam people and talk smack. However, in doing so one day or another you're gonna have to get suspended or get multiple so called "violations". The customer service is so bad, not even looking at some porn will cheer me up. On Y!A, since the site became pretty popular, it has grown several different trolls. Spammer trolls - Those who write long ass spam or answers to annoy the community and make people scroll down alot. best thing to do for this is thumb them down. Attitude trolls - I got to admit i do this sometimes, but anyways these are people who don't even bother reading the additional details and put stuff like "idk" or "i'm not sure about your question but <insert links to other websites or other bullshit here>. Flame trolls - Usually a bunch of older teens or adults with no life who leave smart ass answers on people's questions. Funny trolls - The 10% of all trolls on Y!A who are actually good and make the community laugh and are actually stating the truth. For example question on rate me 1-10...puts I rate you 1-10, gets 5 thumbs up.
Hi Devin,
The answer you gave on Yahoo!7 Answers was reported by the Answers community:
All I put was Try this website, a link, and I put it's free unlike iTunes..
This answer has been removed. You may not have realised this, but all answers submitted on Yahoo!7 Answers must comply with the Answers Community Guidelines.
If you believe that your answer does not violate the Answers Community Guidelines, and would like to appeal the removal of your answer, you can have your case reviewed by Answers Customer Care. You have 7 days to submit your appeal.
Appeal this decision:
<Insert Random link to question Y!A when really, I waited and they didn't respond for shit>
Yahoo!7 Answers Team - Yahoo Answers Example of I don't Give a Fuck, Suck my dick :) ^ that was even chosen as best answer.

Y!A Trolling example: xxNoobletEmoChickxx - Why Are boys so complicated. ?? Answers: Randomgirl - omg another one haven't you herd the song Complicated by Avril Lavgine? Funny Troll - So is your mom's body but you still love her right?...that's why I make love to her :)
by kevinonurban August 12, 2011
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A site that everyone should encourage another corporation to create a similar competitor to because it has many flaws 1. stupid rules that can get you reported such as chatting with other users in a question 2. Idiots with no lives who report others for stupid things 3. Taking away of accounts unceremoniously without your knowing once you receive a few reports 5. shutting off the site to make stupid changes like way things look instead of correcting the above errors 6. Not limiting punishments to yahoo answers but taking away your entire account 7. not being more like youtube and letting everyone give a thumbs up or a thumbs down but rather allowing idiots to report for stupid reasons
That new website is such a yahoo answers.

I got rid of the website because it was so yahoo answers

That cheap website didn't last long because it turned into a yahoo answers
by Monroe Dubo August 04, 2008
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A answers board for whiny, pathetic wankers who are answered by fucking internet trolls.
Q:OMG my BF/GF split up with me what should i do?
A:Maybe you shouldn't be so ugly then bitch.

This really came from Yahoo Answers.
by the Google sage August 22, 2011
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A shitty, fucked up website that everyone should complain to other internet corporations (such as Google or MSN) because Yahoo Answers deactivates entire Yahoo accounts based on the petty and foolish reports from other users they receive when using Yahoo Answers. There are a number of shitheads on Yahoo Answers that report people for reasons such as "use of curse words", "disagreed with the question!", "wasn't enough of a question! Too much of a rant!" Basically anyone who decides to report others on the website fits into a category of a shitheaded rat and when you make complaints out about it Yahoo Answers always rejects them because their too lazy to really look into the situation to find out how petty it actually is and just agrees with their silly reporters, making the people who run Yahoo Answers just as fucked up
2. Any completely messed up website that everyone should immediately make out a complaint about to another corporation and requests other corporations to create a replacement competitor to it
After using Yahoo Answers for my first time today, my Yahoo account I've had for fifteen years was deleted. I lost contact with the woman of my dreams and had no way of contacting a new job I had been hired to.

I'm going to go swarm Google, MSN, AOL, Askjeeves, etc., and every other internet search engine with a bunch of complaints about Yahoo and Yahoo Answers for the crap I received from them, deleting my account because a bunch of animal loving extremist thought I was being out of line when I spoke of how I put my dog in her crate whenever she does something wrong.

When Yahoo Answers deleted my brother's account WITHOUT WARNING after some stupid violation notices for use of the word "vagina" and "penis" in one of his questions and refused to reactivate it after e-mailing back and forth 30 or 40 times, I personally made out a complaint to Google to get rid of that shit and create something better.

I ended up getting an account with a different network once I found out Yahoo perpetuates the use of nonsense reporting by unwarranted deactivation of accounts, deletion of questions and answers and refusal to behave logically and reactivate them once they receive complaints about it.

Yahoo Answers should just be like Youtube and allow EVERYONE to vote a "thumbs down" or "thumbs up" for an answer, without allowing them to behave like children and run to the owners like children and tattle-tale because it's childish.

The idiots in charge of Yahoo Answers don't know enough to have a section called "Sexual Orientation". Rather they have a section called "LGBT" which throws everything off as "Transgendered People" have nothing to do with sexual orientation, serving only to perpetuate stereotypes about gay men.
by Andy Corvatte April 25, 2008
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Supposedly a question-and-answer site. Supposedly.

It's really just basically a breeding ground for 14-year-old fucktards who troll every-other question with old meme references and sarcastic quips, cousinfucker right wingnuts and other assorted fucktards who for some reason never get flagged by the shit moderation. But god fucking forbid you so much as sneeze while looking at the site, or else you'll get flagged and in trouble.
"Well, I tried to go to Yahoo Answers to see if anyone knew how to solve the problem with my laptop, but the only responses I got were a 'Dicks out for Harambe!', 'Call 911!' and 'Only the godless, loony left Jews use laptops.'"
by TaxiFred February 27, 2017
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A relatively decent site, unfortunately totally effed up by...

-trolls: the most famous Y!A troll? Phil J. He likes to post little "erotic" stories about his girlfriend doing a poop and peeing on him while he touches himself. But he seems to be getting popular actually! Others include Fizzdude and TROLLER, who deliberately post extra long answers to make you have to scroll down.

-Twilight-obsessed freaks. The kind that report you if you don't agree that Robert Pattinson is "OMG so super-duper hott like yeah dude". Sheesh.

-Top Reporters. hated by pretty much everyone. They are all probably middle aged virgins living in their mothers' basements.

*But, fortunately, there are loads of awesome people to compensate for all those losers. These people include:

The Joker, RJ, ohGr, Miss Fedora, In Joy and Sorrow, MirorSaw, Buk, Lucky, cc, jayjay, Sp!cy, Snookie, HRM, Velvet Kitten, gabe, British Much, The Punisher, Hypocrite, Michael, dazed, Radium Radiator, Hilda Matilda, des g, evil kaneevil, Bruce P, franz, champagne, IAN B, lynbop,JC and many, many more ( if I listed them all I would be here all day )
If you are bored or depressed, log onto the P&S section of Yahoo Answers. Someone there is bound to make you laugh.

Might even find me there!

by hellzbellz!123 April 26, 2009
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Yahoo! Answers is a site wherein only politically correct questions and answers that don't offend even the easiest people to offend are allowed and where if you aren't a slave to their anal retentive guidelines you are treated as an outcast and your account is eventually deleted.
The Yahoo! Answers staff need to pull their heads out of their butts because they delete questions and answers (and even accounts) without even paying much attention to whether they genuinely deserve to be deleted.
by D-Shiznit August 12, 2007
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