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San Francisco

Because of the reputation and high number of homosexuals. This term was said by comedian Dave Chappelle
Im going to America's anus next year.
by tatomuck1 October 25, 2008
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someone who cant just smoke one cigarette in one sitting. When they smoke their first cigarette, they cant just smoke half of it or most of it, they smoke the entire thing till the burning ash is touching their fingers so they could get every single bit of it and then before tossing the already burnt piece of nothing, they take out another cigarette and light the next one with the burning cigarette of nothing in their hands and use that to light that next cigarette so they dont have to waste their already used lighter in case it doesnt work anymore. These people are hopelessly addicted and cant find their fucking life.
I know a chain smoker whos a tar breath shit stinking fuckup
by tatomuck1 April 05, 2009
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A population which is always the majority. Nothing special, not famous, not rich, not wealthy, not powerful, not a big shot, not a celebrity, not the president, never the leader but always a follower. Just a person that would believe anything they're told and accept the shittier jobs so the government can stay well above and beyond while your just a regular nothing worthless nobody piece of shit continuing to keep getting fucked by the upper 1%.
Most people (at least 99 percent of the population). People no one ever heard of or will ever hear of. Not a celebrity or anywhere near the center of attention, but someone who could barely get on the news if they shot themselves in the head in the middle of Times Square as a suicide just for recognition that he's worth anything at all. my father David is a regular nobody because no one whos big knows him and no one gives a fuck about him or anything about him.
by tatomuck1 September 23, 2008
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By far the best most delicious cut of steak to eat.
I ate a Ribeye steak with fries last night
by tatomuck1 October 25, 2008
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