1. people who are 20 but act like 9

2. people who scream like a little 7 year old girl

3. people who sometimes don't care about their responsibilities.
14 Year Old: *starts acting stupid*

Me: boi, you are SO childish!

14 Year Old: what? what does that mean?
by thatunkownwaffle February 5, 2018
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What many adults prentend not to be, and what many childen aren't.
Bob "I'm so childish"
Steve "Nothing wrong with bein' childish now and then. We all are at some point."
by Fly Attack December 22, 2009
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What most adults act like...
WW1,and 2, all wars, Holocaust, 9-11, slavery...etc
by Lindsay February 25, 2003
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Jersey slang for when somebody is acting mad immature or stupid/goofy
You’re acting mad childish right now
by jersey01 March 31, 2019
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Something immature boys will call you in middle school because you won’t suck their dick
joe: dude she’s so childish she won’t suck my small dick

connor: yeah bro we should ignore them
by prudesister101 May 30, 2019
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I hate childish people, especially if they are authority figures.
by Shawn B. April 4, 2003
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a girl thinking she’s big n bad but acts like a 10 yr old. also may be brain dead but that hasn’t been decided
she’s so childish
by gdoawbbdxii November 19, 2019
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