Looking in the internet comment section you may see "r/whoosh", or "whoosh" and wonder "wHaT dOeS iT mEaN?".
I got chu.

If you see a dumb comment that completely misses the point of the subject (for example someone not getting/taking a joke), then you type "whoosh" which means it went way over their head!
Person1: 911 was done by Teletubbies

Person2: lmao

Person3: NO IT WASN'T!!! Why do people keep saying that *gives a long ass theory on what their opinion is*

Person2: r/whoosh!
by XChristinaXx September 02, 2018
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To move something or someone in a violent manner.
These tables are too damn close together, let’s whoosh them!
by A-ness December 31, 2017
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While having outwit over someone's head.
Touche' this douche by whoosh to throw shade too forouche a finnesse play for fools.
by Hamrix September 27, 2019
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When you sneeze and your period blood goes down.#Everyonedoesit #Opps
Person1:Hey girl I was just about to ...
Person 2: There goes a whoosh
by Maesynthegoat November 10, 2019
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The quick removal of all clothing.
Let's whoosh before we jump into bed.
by coffeecup78 May 10, 2010
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A game played with two or more people and a very busy freeway. The aim of the game is to cross the freeway and get as close to the back of the cars as possible. Ponits are awarded for style, (doing it on a bike) closeness (how close you got to the back of the car) and Scare factor (how much you scare the driver

points are removed if you are hit by the car, or die.

Multipliers are awared for the number of cars you whoosh on a single crossing.
Let's play some whoosh on that busy freeway Theo
by The Wrong Brothers April 02, 2010
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