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Looking in the internet comment section you may see "r/whoosh", or "whoosh" and wonder "wHaT dOeS iT mEaN?".
I got chu.

If you see a dumb comment that completely misses the point of the subject (for example someone not getting/taking a joke), then you type "whoosh" which means it went way over their head!
Person1: 911 was done by Teletubbies

Person2: lmao

Person3: NO IT WASN'T!!! Why do people keep saying that *gives a long ass theory on what their opinion is*

Person2: r/whoosh!
by XChristinaXx September 02, 2018

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A: What does Baka mean?
B: Idiot
A: You're a dick.
B: No, it means idiot/fool/stupid in Japanese, you baka!
via giphy
by XChristinaXx August 08, 2017

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Something yo fatass should be doing right now.
Fit Friend: Dude you really need some exercise, you have been in the house for days playing god of war
Fatass: Nah m8, I might die out there fam.
by XChristinaXx June 27, 2017

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Watermelon spelled backward.
Nolemretaw= watermelon
by XChristinaXx March 03, 2018

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