A basketball shot that you Wish was a swish. That is, one that looks like it was a swish by the way it hit the net, but it actually fell short of the rim.
Ha ha dude, you suck! That was a whoosh!
by JmpnJim July 18, 2012
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Jessie: Why did brandon and Keisha breakup?

Thomas: You know she cheated on him like 3 times right? Turns out the rrason she was over at his house so much was because she was banging his roommate.

Jessie: whoosh I didn't even know that dude.

Thomas: crazy thing is, his roommate was a chick!

Jessie: Whoosh, that's crazy.
by YoungLyrical December 03, 2009
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A game played where if one person uses "What" at the end of a sentence, The other person "Whooshes" the other, like a jinx. The more people you "Whoosh" the better.
hey guess what, Whoosh!
by ppasposse4ever15 October 03, 2010
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Everything. Whatever may come into existence. What might become of your life. What your neighbor is wearing.
by MelindaGalindaLaFonda January 18, 2008
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An exclamation of excitement when knifing someone in Modern Warfare.
Player 1 - Dude watch out there's a guy that just ran by you.
Player 2 - I got him... WHOOSH!
Player 1 - Nice.
by Jables O07 January 01, 2010
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To whoosh; to engage in extreme inappropriate behavior so obscene it cannot be described by the traditional English vocabulary. Alcohol is typically a precursor to the act of "Whooshing".
"Whoa, Matt what happened to you last night?"

"Uh, left Taylors, Whooshed all over a sorority with Mike for about an hour, Whooshed by my girlfriends house, Whooshed all over her, then whooshed home. Yeah, I was Whooshin' last night."
by Bizzaro LOD February 07, 2008
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A term used to describe something indescribable, weird, raunchy, or confusing.
A: Was the movie good last night?
B: Yeah, it was.
A: Really?
B: Yeah, except for this one part, it was kinda whoosh. Ya know?
A: Yeah, I get it.
by Chica_Chica February 22, 2006
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