A spell typically used by a black Mage to shrink ones “special” member
Whoosh your shlong is now a short
by Bigbillshill April 09, 2019
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While having outwit over someone's head.
Touche' this douche by whoosh to throw shade too forouche a finnesse play for fools.
by Hamrix September 27, 2019
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The word girls used to let their friends know they have there period and there is blood coming out of there body.
WHOOSH WHOOSH its coming out!!
by blahhhblahhhh May 02, 2007
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Pronouced woozh.
To exessively show off or put oneself above another by claiming a superior title, accomplishment, or attribute. Derived from the sound a swinging dick would make.
Whoosher in the act of whooshing: "Hey everybody, I'm going to Vegas on business. It's gonna be a rough couple days of meetings."
Whooshee: Whoosh!
by na001 April 14, 2009
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-noun the unit of measure used to indicate the difficulty of a given WOD

-verb to make a loud, exhalation of air due to a high level of physical exertion.

-interjection (used as an expression to express nervous anticipation prior to a WOD)


DH, 33rd floor of City Center circa 2010

He hobbled over to the FSC cubicle area prior to leaving for the WOD at Lifetime. Across the cube walls echoed a loud “whoosh” followed by “it’s going to be a good one!! ”
by tgtfsc April 29, 2011
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a combination of two very simple words, whoa and shit, it can be used in a variety of ways
whoosh that was some crazy square dancing
by Queen Diva February 19, 2005
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