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A bed is a miniature gravity well designed to trap unsuspecting victims in a warm, fluffy prison, from which there is no escape.
I should really do my homework.
And my chores.
And my job.
And eat.

...But I just can't lift myself out of bed!!
by MatsumotoMania December 05, 2013
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a matress on a stand or on the floor (lol) that has a blanket and pillows on it and u got to sleep on it coz sleep is so good
im gonna go hit the sac... then im gonna go to bed ;)
by flash August 01, 2004
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A place to get laid in. See also car, shower, couch, art museum, etc.
by Your Ass September 14, 2003
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The most magical place in your house.I sleep eat and watch tv in my bed.14 year olds sometimes use it to hide nuddy magazines under the matrass.
by Chickenwing21 October 04, 2006
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A soft box with springs and comfy padding used to rest and have sex on.
Chad : So I guess I will stop by your apartment after work and fuck you like usual?
Kiersten I thought maybe I could come to your house since you have that big King Size Bed and all I have is that small little double bed?
Chad : Well I guess it would be alright since it's Wednesday and the wifey and brats will be at church!
Kiersten : And we can fuck without getting cramps and fallin on the floor!
Chad : Baby it doesn't matter where we fuck just as long as I can stick my cock in your pussy I'm happy!
Kiersten: Oh Chad your such a sweetheart!
by SlopNChop February 08, 2017
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1) <noun> A piece of furniture that is typically rectangular in shape, elevated off the floor, and soft. Usually consists of the following: pillows, comforter, sheets, mattress, and bedframe.

Personally, I think a bed is the best place in the world because my two favorite things in life happen there: sex and sleep.

2) <verb> To have sex with; to get a person to go to bed with you.
1) I love my bed, it allows for great sex and deep sleep.

2) I would like to bed Eva Longoria.
by th3xpert August 06, 2009
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