A word used to describe something complicated, confusing, or indescribable.
Person 1: Hey, what was the movie like last night?
Person 2: It was really good.
Person 1: Really?
Person 2: Yeah, except for this one part. It was kind of like whoosh.
Person 1: Oh, I see.
by Chica_Chica February 16, 2006
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Way of saying goodbye. Created from the phrase "I'm out like a jet. Whoosh."
by me January 26, 2004
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Used when no other word can describe a situation; to the extremes of anything.
That rollercoaster ride was insane...like whoosh man.
by Keanerpants May 09, 2009
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Sound, or descriptive word of an affect, also sometimes said as a *sigh almost as though a day is washing over you.
Been a looooooong day, *whoosh
by livinlifeX2 October 23, 2012
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Rochester High School's Cross Country teams "Quote"

Whoosh it on the gun.
by Mike October 28, 2004
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So you're looking through the comment section and you see someone using whoosh replying to some Google person writing articles about how that's so mean, rude, etc.

Whoosh or any other use means that the joke went over their heads. (Past them) the ball missed the hoop.
Gofus: just been diagnosed by my doctor's that I'm color blind . This came out of the *shows flashy orange picture*
Idiot: that's orange tho
Random person: Idiot, whoosh
by Dzzgem July 06, 2019
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