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The part of Plano that refuses to be grouped with its others. West Plano is the Beverly Hills of Dallas, the richest of the rich. Unlike Colleyville, West Plano is a much snootier, haughty group. Most of the people that follow this stereotype have attended TCA, Renner Middle School, Shepton High School, Plano West, or a private school with $10,000 tuition.

A few stereotypes are copied from the Facebook group.

• Being called a “daddy’s girl” (or a rich prick in a boy’s case) is okay with you.

• You get pissed when you’re stuck behind “out-of-towners” who come and stare at the mansions in WB Country while driving 10 miles an hour.

• You have a maid. Your mom is a housewife, but still has a maid…..

• It’s not a question of whether you will get a car for your 16th birthday, but what TYPE of car.

• You have no idea where Collin Creek Mall is and quite frankly, you don’t care.

• You regularly see Troy Aikman jogging down Willowbend Drive and Bernie Mac driving his Bently.

• You’ve heard that 75093 is the new 90210 and you almost burst from pride.

• Either your parents or your friend’s parents have gotten drunk with you on multiple occasions or have caught you drinking and proceeded to drink with you or make a 2nd beer run.
We West Plano kids get everything we want; we know it, but who cares, we have money.
by GhettoInWestPlanoIsALiee September 07, 2010
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The most badass part of Texas. Plano West's girls are the hottest and dress better than anyone else - a direct correlation to the high income level. Some of the richest kids are snobby, but most kids just... ya i guess everyone's a litle snobby. Cocaine use is rampant, yet abother reason why the girls look so good (they're all tiny), and contrary to common belief heroine is and has been completely outta the picture for years. Skyy Vodka and Keystone Light are the party beverages of choice... I dunno why we drink the cheap beer when everyone has to much money, but Keystone is always what seems to be around. I'm a west plano resident myself so this is a pretty accurate portrayal of the perfection that is the West Side of Plano.
I wish I went to Plano West so that I could hang out with all the cool kids... everyone badass lives in west plano!
by hot west girl January 04, 2006
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