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All right, in response to all 3 previous "definitions," I'd like to say... well... they're 50% right, and mostly stereotypical. False assumptions, mainly. I know plenty of kids who went to Plano West who were considered "cool" without driving an expensive car, who were smart and earned their GPA's legitimately, and who weren't coke whores. Nevertheless, there were a good amount of students who fell under all three of those categories. It's unfair to those who went to Plano West, and remained down to earth, to be categorized as a Plano West "rich bitch." Touching off of that, regardless of the fact that their parents are well off, many of the kids who attend Plano West aren't stuck up whatsoever. People who drive nice cars, have nice clothes, and own nice things should never be considered stuck up... if anyone is able to buy nice things, that person is going to do so... and that says absolutely nothing about their character or personality. Just thought I would clear up the confusion, since the first two definitions were obviously written by people who do not/did not attend the school. If they did, they would know that they were wrong.
Guy: Where do you go to school?
Girl: Plano West
Guy: Oh, so you're rich? Why don't you drive a Range Rover?
Girl: Because I'm not rich...

there. and yes, this conversation has been had many times, i'm sure.
by RandomPlanoKid April 24, 2006

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