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An incredibly hellish high school, academically and socially. Known for its beautiful, rich, white students with ridiculously high GPAs and, ironically, ridiculously low intelligence. The majority of students make up the in-crowd of the entire metroplex (or so they like to believe). They pay $75 a semester to park their brand new birthday gifts: bmw's, mercedes, escalades with spinners, jeeps and manual sports cars (which they can't drive worth shit) with license plates that read "PRNCZ" and "HOTSTUF" when they should read "BITCH" "WHITEY" or "ASSHOLE".
An average American teenager's nightmare, it is a social prison disguised as an educational facility, where your human worth is gauged based on your credit card limit, the amount of bleach in your hair, and your willingness to say "like oh my god" before anything, either good or bad. Also, must be willing to put out and then bitch and moan behind their "friends" backs because they do the same slutty thing.
Girls: Must weigh less than 120 pounds and own at least one Louie Vutton purse in order to have friends. Must be on the dance team or cheerleading squad, as well as a hotter-than-shit attitude, to be considered attractive.
Boys: Must be 5'10 or taller, bench press twice your weight, and spell your own name in order to have friends or be considered attractive. Spelling your girlfriend's name correctly is a plus.
The cloning factory for up-and-coming inhabitants of plano, the epitomy of rich white suburbia.
The new beverly hills 90210 is now plano 75093.
a.k.a HELL
Boy 1: Did that girl really just roll up in a beamer?
Boy 2: Don't be suprised-She goes to Plano West.
Boy 1: Oh, no wonder. But damn she's hot.
Girl: Thanks, my Daddy bought my outfit at the Gucci store!
by ex-planoite March 05, 2006
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