hard to define. you say it when something is pleasing or good. eluding to something good also in response to something someone else says. Originated in the Mid-West
guy 1: "i'm gonna totally hook up with this hottie tonight" guy 2: "have it"

"whoa, look what i found. half off fazoli's coupon's! have it."

"i'm gonna go beat off"
"have it."
by Tony November 12, 2005
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sarah i think itz time we have it.

dude i really wana have it wid dat gal!
by Darishta November 8, 2005
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to go out and party; drink alot
I'm goting to have it tonight
by kc July 3, 2003
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When someone is HIV/AIDS positive or they look like they are HIV/AIDS positive or they fucked someone who looks like they have HIV/AIDS
Fella #1: A boy! ah give that gurl down de road ah sweet fuck last night

Fella #2: Ha Ha you is ah cunt! better go clinic cause people saying she HAVE IT! Ha Ha
by Nicholas BreadX November 3, 2006
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We are ready to start, let's have at it.
by Hoda Man July 23, 2008
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When someone is unwilling to accept the current or proposed state of affairs. Can also be used when someone doesn't believe you're telling them the truth.
Bush thought he'd slip Harriet Miers by on a nod and a wink, but the Busheviks weren't having it.

I told my mom I wasn't the one who put a dent in the car, but she was NOT having it and pressed me to give her the whole story.
by The Grammar Nazi November 5, 2005
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When something is seen as required.
"I didn’t have to add any sugar to my mocha latte."

"What do you mean?"

"I didn’t find its taste bitter and disgusting enough to cause me to add more sugar from the office in order to make it palatable for me."
by nanigansguy May 22, 2017
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