visually attractive, especially in a quaint or pretty style.

synonyms: attractive, pretty, beautiful, lovely, scenic, charming, quaint, pleasing, delightful, picture-perfect
"the picturesque covered bridges of New England"
by picturesque March 11, 2015
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Picturesque is a simple app with a simple goal: to make images more beautiful, sexy, smoking, etc.
I just downloaded Picturesque on to my Mac and wow my Myspace pics are looking sexy!
by Javathecup May 17, 2008
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The best group chat of people from this side of the galaxy. Anyone that’s worthy of being a Picturesque Rat should deem themself extremely amazing, but shouldn’t get too big of a head because then they wouldn’t be picturesque enough.
Some guy: Whoa dude did you see? The Picturesque Rats groupchat is the best one on this side of the galaxy!
Some dude: Yeah guy, didn’t you know how cool the people in that groupchat are?!?
by TastyAssBitc113 April 27, 2021
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