what you motherfuckers do on your urban dictionary accounts.
what liberals and conservatives do to each other.
what most youtube comments are
Jerry got fucking sick and tired reading urban dictionary because he only saw definitions that bitch and moan about someone else.
by xxxjerrysuxcoxndix69xxx July 27, 2016
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Bitch-N-Moan is a bad-ass hard shock rock band (influenced by W.A.S.P, MOTLEY CRUE, and QUIET RIOT) originally formed in San Francisco California in 1990. They play hard ass rock n roll, and they don't give a damned if critics, casual listeners, of brain dead masses like one note or not. In fact the band goes out of it's way to take jabs at music critics and major record labels in several songs. Any other definition of BITCH-N-MOAN is bull shit!!
Bitch-N-Moan released IMPALER and HORROR SHOW concurrently.
by myster x February 16, 2009
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"So what's trending today?"
"Hmmm, another terrorist attack..."
"...more corruption in our justice system..."
"Double Pass."
"...someone thinking about not seeing the new Ghostbusters movie..."
"Someone is not thinking about seeing the new Ghostbusters movie! Away!"
--The Department of Bitching and Moaning, Nostalgia Critic review of Ghostbusters (2016)
by The Logical Fallacy October 11, 2018
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