A car driven by a white mom in her 40s or 50s usually wearing fancy white clothing with Gucci shades. Basically the car the says “My husband is rich and spoils me with nice shit.”
O-M-G, John just bought me a Range Rover and I’m totally in love with it and his wallet

Just bought my uneducated wife a Range Rover for her quarter birthday.
by Monster Blunt May 15, 2018
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Unlike Range Rovers, Hummers usually get stuck trying to navigate over soda cans.
by bill747 May 29, 2008
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A badass SUV driven by a 45-year old white dad from New York wanting to impress his wife. Usually traded in on either a Lexus or a Mercedes following the end of the lease. 10 years later picked up by either someone wanting to look rich or someone who will turn the soccer dad mobile into an overlanding rig. Clean ones aren't hard to find, but used and abused ones you should stay far away from. Range Rovers are either driven by "classy" (read; racist) British people or Sarah from the PTA in Texas whose kids always sell more girl scout cookies than yours.
"Henry has always bought Range Rovers."
"Who's Henry?"
"That dickhead with those spoiled ass kids on the lacrosse team."
"Of course that bitch has a Range Rover. Range Rovers are for snobs."
by henryfromny June 20, 2021
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An overpriced, unreliable piece of shit. Are often seen being driven by rich white women or their thot daughters, both of which cannot drive to save their (or their sugar daddy's) life. Repairs are expensive and you'll be doing them often since they're woefully unreliable, most basic features are optional even though cars that are half the price have them as standard, and basically the British equivalent of a soccer mom vehicle.

Despite all this, the Range Rover's sibling, the Land Rover, is actually a very competent off-roader. A shame that 90% of their customers will never know this.
Range Rover dealership: Parking sensors will be an additional £2095, sir.
Consumer: What the fuck, a Toyota RAV4 has this shit as standard!

17 year old thot: *drives Range Rover into a bus*
Bus driver: Watch where you're going, you spoilt bitch!
by Head Cultist June 27, 2019
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A soccer moms luxury version of the Abrams Tank, without the firepower, reliability, or gas mileage consideration. Mostly made to be a flashy vehicle. Less of an off road vehicle than its sibling, the Land Rover. Very flashy, very expensive, and its got the horrendous reliability that put Land Rover on the map, after it made great and reliable off roading vehicles when they first came out sometime after WWII.
The Range Rover will get around 375 hp and cost you more money than your mortgage in gas and repairs.
by TankBuster118 April 20, 2010
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THE REASON for EVERY luxury 4x4 now.

the original classic ones are virtually indestructible, and have a tendancy to "mark" their teritory
also have the useful quality of never breaking down
A:aw man, my cars not going AGAIN
B:should have got a range rover man
by 82rangie May 26, 2011
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It's a nice luxury SUV, but it's way too expensive for it's size and amenities. I think a Cadillac Escalade ESV or Lincoln Navigator L series have more to offer for less. Range Rovers are only good for women/men who can't handle a real full size SUV. I'm sorry to criticise Land Rover but I think they should build their Range Rover at least the size of a Navigator if they want to charge $ 80 grand plus, especially for American market.
Jeff: Hey guys how about we all go to Vegas in my new SUV.
Friends: Kool, what kind of SUV?
Jeff: 2008 Range Rover man!
Friends: forget it...we would rather ride in a Mazda Miata than that small Range Rover, and also u paid too much for that thing Jeff. LOL
by ExpeddyV8 September 15, 2008
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