A car driven by a white mom in her 40s or 50s usually wearing fancy white clothing with Gucci shades. Basically the car the says “My husband is rich and spoils me with nice shit.”
O-M-G, John just bought me a Range Rover and I’m totally in love with it and his wallet

Just bought my uneducated wife a Range Rover for her quarter birthday.
by Monster Blunt June 05, 2018
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Status symbol for anglophiles. English variation of SUV. See FUV.
That wanker in the Range Rover drives like he's the King of England.
by nucleus May 26, 2004
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No, not the SUV that goes by the same name...a range rover is a creature like a cockroach, ant, or rat) that walks, runs, or skitters across a range (loosely defined as an oven with a stovetop).
Marge, get the bugicide because there's a fucking range rover in the kitchen!
by Telephony May 29, 2016
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Quite possibly they best vehicle in the world, ever. Manufactured at the Landr Rover factory in Sollihull, England. Now in its 33rd year and on its model evolution.
The Range Rover made the jeep drivers gaze in awe.
by Sven King April 02, 2003
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Land Rover's flagship SUV priced around 77k for the reg. version and 90k for the Supercharged version. The Supercharged is still not extremely fast but it's decent for it size. The interior is very nice and the design wise it's one of the best SUV's out there IMO. It's pretty comfortable for long trips although it's not exactly a "driver's car". It attracts some attention although not the bad kind (usually). If you put 24'' spinners on it and a huge chrome grill THEN you look like a complete fool... Otherwise a very nice car and a pretty reliable one too (at least for the current model).
A: Yo look at me, I got an Escalade!!!
B: I have a Range Rover.
A: Nevermind.
by zangany January 23, 2007
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Until the newest generation with independent suspension, a moderately capable, very classy 4x4 that is expensive to lift and difficult to modify for any real off-road use, all while leaking more oil than my Jeep. Costs a fortune to repair, and is driven by status seekers, drug dealers, pimps, and people who think driving on fire roads with a stock height 4x4 is real off-roading.
The English do not make televisions because they haven't figured out how to make them leak oil, thus the Range Rover was born.

My Range Rover should have a nine cylinder engine, so it will run on eight!

Compared with the Escalade, the Range Rover is akin to the Queen of England: Looks dignified and stately, but is quite old and not powerful.
by Rob April 22, 2004
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