be·sides (b-sdz)

1. In addition; also.
2. Moreover; furthermore.
3. Otherwise; else.

4. In addition to.
5. Except for; other than.
3) has been to Mexico but nowhere besides.
5)No one besides the owner could control the dog.
by jeyjeyje May 3, 2009
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next to or at the side of somebody/something
He sat beside her all night.
A mill beside a stream.
by Frankiiz December 9, 2011
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Extreme joy, anger, etc, brought on by a situation that causes one to be "out of one's mind" with that emotion.

"Beside" was formerly (15th through 19th centuries) used in phrases to mean "out of a mental state or condition, as 'beside one's patience, one's gravity, one's wits'" (Oxford Engl. Dict.), and that use survives only in "'beside oneself': out of one's wits, out of one's senses."
I was so beside myself looking at all the women on the beach that I didn't hear my wife yelling for help.
by quietmaniam February 5, 2010
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A modern phrase invented by a millennial of telling somebody to be humble and taking a crystal clear look at themselves before passing judgement and/or being critical towards others.
"Maybe you should sit back down and re-evaluate your thoughts, be humble... and get beside yourself."
by Rosemarie_ May 24, 2017
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Things that no one in the US knows about, since so many pathetic fanboys are obsessed with DBZ.
DBZ fanboy: OMG, DBZ is teh coolest!!

Me: Can you name any of Akira Toriyama's other works?

DBZ fanboy: Umm... uh... Vegeta rocks!!

Me: (sigh)
by Bob882 October 9, 2004
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a phrase that sounded philosophical to me in my head and has no meaning
cool cat 420: there are no rules in our cult besides the ones we make

cool cat 69: LMAO NOPE!
by this bitch is fine December 28, 2018
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