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One sexy beast. A fine ass, gentleman. Girls want him but he only wants one of them. A bad ass in general but still kisses his mom good night. Renner is his last name but no one knows his first name or if he even has one. when he walks through a crowd women hand him babies just to say theyve been held by the Renner. he never gets cold and when he walks into a room, it warms up.
Example 1:
Girl #1: Look at that guy
Girl #2: Damn hes fine
Girl #1: He must be a Renner, hes got 20 girls around him and doesnt even notice.

Example 2:
Girl: Did it just get hot in here?
Renner: Sorry ladies would you like me to leave?
by spamismyfavoritemeat November 03, 2011
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the name of a guy that you like really bad and only likes you a little,he is sweet and funny. he is a ginger but you luv him.
i luv you renner
by last cello tso8 May 04, 2011
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