the same like RULES changing the 's' by a 'z'
World of Warcraft rulez !!!
trans --> (WoW is soooo good)
by RaisE February 23, 2005
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When an oltean rolls his country
Bogdan rulez oltenia
by Barbate January 21, 2015
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da RuleZ these little traditions that people used to follow but now freely ignore.

Like how black thugletes and golfsters have legions of white sluts.
da RuleZ no longer apply.
by Jacques Asse January 13, 2010
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1.) Reference to a The Devil Wears Prada song.

2.) Slang term for scene girls that live in the Midwest.

3.) Rare breed of man-eating ducks.
Ohai, it's alison rulez d00d. Hey girl.
by Kovacich January 29, 2009
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John: Have you heard HTML Rulez Dude?

Rick: Hell yeah nigger!! That shit made me fucking jizz!!
by Your Mom6665645645615156156185 January 13, 2011
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