A truly charming man with many secrets. Badass on the outside but a big softy on the inside. Even though he doesnt have his life completely figured out je will do all in his willpower to protect you and keep you happy. Many girls want him but once you on his mind he will never lose his interest. Great in the bed and good for keeping the boys away from his woman"
Friend"Wow that Dallas guy is scary"
Girl"no he's a big softy and great in bed"
by SnackBar12399 February 17, 2018
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A criminal mastermind from the game PAYDAY 2 that constantly needs a medic bag.

by Betrayalth June 22, 2017
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A guy who is totally adorable and sweet... although he gets too impatient at times and acts like a total goober, he always seems to be able to pull it together to make a girl smile.

Seems that he always makes a girl wish she could do the same.
Unless of course she has a hot temper and ruins his night cause she gets all kinds of crazy mad. She can't help it tho, cause she's hard headed. However, a guy like Dallas would get that and love her anyway. Cause he knows that he makes her crazy like that.
Dallas needs to realize a woman needs her space but needs him close at the same time.
by pryinggypsyeyes June 26, 2011
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Dallas is the cutest girl on the block. You see her and you can tell she's something different. A little bit on the Tom Boy side but also girlier than you could ever imagine. She's rather creative and artisitic but also enjoys to read. Never will you ever see someone wearing the same thing as this girl.
Dallas is such a cute girly.
by sav_the_banana September 20, 2013
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Dallas is a super hot girl . that always puts people first. she loves to make people smile. she try’s her best to make everyone feel comfortable. she has a very big heart. she offends gets really upset. so hides how she feels to make it seem like she is strong. she cry’s herself at night because she doesn’t think she is good enough. she is a super good friend to have. and a super sweet girl to be around.
we love our friend dallas.
dallas is so sweet.
by allship March 10, 2019
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the most amazing guy you wll ever meet. he is always there for you when you need him. and you have to love him. hes the nicest, cutest,funniest guy you will ever meet<3 hes the boy of your dreams and just to see him smile, makes you whole day better<3
yeah dallasis a keeper
by ramblers#4 January 8, 2012
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Most Beautiful girl you'll find. She is unique, loving, caring and kind. She is like a Queen. She is gentle, and like respect. You will not find a finer woman. She is a great lover.
That girl is a Dallas.
by THExBEAUTIFUL March 10, 2010
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