Term used by Fox News, which is really false advertising. When they sued Al Franken over ownership of said phrase, they were basically laughed out of court.
by RandomSegaFanboy August 20, 2004
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A media term. An ideal which all newspapers, TV stations and other media should aspire too. This means giving equal air time column inches etc to all sides of the arguement. However in the world of commercial media cartels this ideal is sacrificed on the alter of the profit margin, political influence and self interest.

These days to gain a fair and balanced view of current events it is best to source your news from a number of different sources that offer as wider range of opinions as possible and make your own mind up.
Newscaster "Do you think this war is the correct course of action?"
Man A "Yes blah blah blah"
Man B "No Blah Blah blah"
Station owner "Man A is backed by our major sponsers, ignore man B"
by black flag May 29, 2004
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Right wing euphamism for news slanted toward the now, neoconservative point of view. Originated from Fox News slogan.
If you say something O'Reilly disagrees with, he either shouts you down or cuts your mic. "Fair and balanced", my ass...
by surlyboi May 29, 2004
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A slogan used by FOX news in a sarcastic sense, knowing full well that they are neither fair nor balanced, but rather simply a chairleader for the right wing agenda.
Tonight on FOX news, a fair and balanced report on how great George W. Bush is and how simply marvelous it was that we went to war with Iraq.
by Chauncey Hollinsworth May 28, 2004
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The slogan for FOX news. Often means "not one sided or biased" But Fox new is primarly a conservative asshole network, so i guess it doesnt really apply here.
Hey Jon, let's see how many times this douche bag Bill O'reilly says "Fair and Balanced" in a five minute period.
by PerceptionGuitarist May 28, 2004
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This comes from Fox News, and is supposed to mean "fair and balanced" but usually is used as sarcastically to mean the opposite. This usage has arisen due to the right-wing slant that Fox News has.
"That fight was about as fair and balanced as Fox News."
by Kookus May 31, 2004
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What you say when whatever you are doing is really not fair or balanced.
Jon: I'll give you a dollar for hoodie, fair and balanced.
Ron: Hell no!

Bill O'Reilly: Fox News. Fair and balanced.
Half the country: Yea!! They took our jerbs! Don't tread on me, towelheads!
by Batmanhimself April 7, 2011
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