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A corrupt and brutal Native American and/or Lebanese individual . Known to abuse or kill people for fun and every second word is a threat of pain or harm. Endorse violence and trouble, and are often starting fights in the Western suburbs of Melbourne. Wardan's having unbelievably short tempers and will snap at the smallest of things.They control and run most of Essendon, Strathmore, Pascoe Vale and Tullamarine and they travel in numbers making them untouchable. The boys associate with gangs and high-profile criminals and are constantly being questioned by the 5.0. They know no pain or mercy and will slaughter anyone who gets in their way. In other words, don't mess around with them unless you have a death wish.
Boy 1: Ey, ain't they Wardans over there?
Boy 2: Yeah, fark.
Boy 3: C'mon, lets get the hell out of here.
by Aussie58 March 27, 2011
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