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Warding is a commonly well-known ability in a popular computer game in which a supportive hero sets wards over the map in order to gain vision in that area.Also known as the ability to ward.
Jeff:Man you're so low skilled,I really recommend reading a detailed guide on warding in competitive play (aka clan wars).

Matt:You may want to use a little bit more aggressive warding If you are in winning that game
by adi.nL9 January 29, 2010
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To inject another mans semen into your penis for the purpose of ejaculating his semen and your semen into your significant other.

"This is done by using a syringe to suck his sperm into it. Then using a tube, place the sperm into the penis just prior to sex. Then when you ejaculate, both sperms are placed in your significant other."
I am going to ward all up in you.

Are you into warding?
by The Canadian Cluster February 08, 2018
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