Warding is a commonly well-known ability in a popular computer game in which a supportive hero sets wards over the map in order to gain vision in that area.Also known as the ability to ward.
Jeff:Man you're so low skilled,I really recommend reading a detailed guide on warding in competitive play (aka clan wars).

Matt:You may want to use a little bit more aggressive warding If you are in winning that game
by adi.nL9 January 29, 2010
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When you comment or like a Facebook post in order to receive information about the certain topic. As others comment or like you will be updated via notifications as to gain "vision" about what you are interested in.
When I want to know more about a certain Facebook post, I post ward.
by Nam4everyone February 26, 2017
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Don't mess with Ward.
by XbiggerthanyouX November 12, 2018
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sections of a citiy usually divided up for municipal or district purposes. Wards are typically similar in size but not always in numerical order;for example in new orleans the 15th and 16th wards are not close to each other at all.streets have nothing to do with the names of wards however certain streets do mark the border of a ward.
"I stay downtown in the 9th ward but my brother stay way uptown in the 17th.."
by kaygeezy August 6, 2005
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I caring person with lots of love to give. He’s a very good listener and will be happy to help a friend with their problems. He’s outgoing but keeps most things to himself. He is every girl’s best friend🥰
Ward is a turd but we love him
by Zoe Sanford August 18, 2019
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That place which, if Boulder County, Colorado were to recieve an enema, it would be inserted.
"That Ward place sure is a slum, what a shame too."
by Tacoist June 28, 2004
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Bathroom, friendly escape from other unsanitary public bathrooms.

A secret public bathroom that you always find yourself resorting to in times of desperate need.
Student with hand raised in 5th period english

Professor: Yes Johnny?

Student: May I please be excused to use the ward?

Professor: Why yes of course.

Student leaves the room and enters school bathroom to notice no stall doors and single ply toilet paper. Turns around, walk out of schools side door across the street to a museum and asks the lady at the counter for the bathroom. Lady points to the left. Boy finds big, nice smelling facilities with plentiful toilet paper and door. Boy enjoys poop. Boy walks back to class.
by The Ward June 8, 2010
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