Chad Daddy, C. Wizzy, goes by many diffrn't names, the Big Papi. Chad Warden all about games. Chad Warden believes the the Xbox Circle and the Wii ain't ballin' cuz they ain't go no gaaaaames. The PS-Triple make the best gaaaaaames. Chad Warden stresses ABAP. Chad Warden doesn't like the fact that there are no bruthas in Supa Smash Bruthas. Currently, Chad Daddy resides in H-Town. Chad Warden is the most ballin' brutha on that YouTube. Chad Warden is so rich, that $600 ain't ish. Chad Wardem WILL pay you $600 to shut the hell up. Chad Warden is flyyyy.
Chad Warden has seen his number of illegal Mexican immigrants.
by Madamandelu January 14, 2008
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Sup bitches, chad warden here aight?
C wizzy, chad daddy i go by many different names big puppy.

And you've got that asian bitch mushroom, and you can't even eat that bitch

Chad warden also explains how 'mario jumps over the fucking border run around and fixing peoples toilets'
Quote from chad warden at an interview from Nintendo

Interviewer: So, what is your thoughts on Legend of zelda?

Chad: What we got? We got legend of zelda where you walk around with a lil bitch, with a lil bitchass sword a lil shield and he just goes HAH HAH HAH shiit.

Interviewer: O_O

Chad warden: BALLIN'

Chad starts bopping his head and walks away
by ChadDaddy June 27, 2010
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A Korean who made a famous Youtube video entitled "Why PS3 is better than Wii and 360." Curses excessively and acts gangster, all in the crusade for comedy. Uses words such as "ballin" and "bitch" constantly.

The ignorant viewers were SUCH fanboys that they actually believed he was serious. Everyone from nerdy 14 year olds to ugly ass college students made their own shitty, racist video responses and wasted more people's time. The ugliest losers didn't show their faces, and instead took Chad's video and cut out certain parts, making remixes and confessions.

Is one of the most hated celebrities on the internet and is proud of it.

If you're not a dumbass and realize he's not serious, you will find a hilarious video and a great comedian.

But most people on Youtube, and largely the internet, are complete dumbasses and are so caught up in their own shittiness that they can't take a joke unless it agrees with them. They're also fanboys who will put a thumbs down on this definition because it doesn't call him a loser.
Fanboy:I made a Youtube video insulting Chad Warden despite being a loser myself.

Guy:Go do something useful, like screw your cousin.
by Noble Xenon Crowner May 12, 2007
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A famous troll. In the SiIvagunner universe, he defeated the Gay Mexican Ass in my Ass with the power of the MF Like Button to save snow halation and anime but sacrificed himself in the process. He is reunited with the PS Triple.
Without SiIvagunner Chad Warden the channel wouldn't be where it is today.
by Crabulon December 12, 2020
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