The most OP creature in all of Minecraft
The Warden can 2 shot you with full netherite armor.
by T.N.T.BOOM! November 1, 2021
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An operator with a useless gadget and a sexy mustache
yo why you gonna pick warden he useless as shit
by DontAskWhatIamDoingBecuaseidk October 21, 2019
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Someone responsible for the supervision of a particular place or activity or for enforcing the regulations associated with it.
The warden of the local nature reserve is frequently seen handling out survey papers to hikers.
by y = mx + b December 15, 2021
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Someone who is very set in their ways, and likes everything organized to their personal satisfaction. This person has a strict set of rules, which he expects to be followed. Has OCD with dirty dishes and things out of place.
Person 1 "Let's have a party at your place"

Person 2 " Um, that's probably a bad idea. If the warden finds out I'm gonna be in big trouble"

by Teka22 March 25, 2009
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A younger woman who is into older men. Similar to jail bait, except legal.
"OMG, Stephanie, Becca is totally hitting on that guy over there!"
"Oh GOD, Becca is such a Warden! That guy has got to be at LEAST 23!"
"I KNOW, and she's just 19 like us!"
by PigsInABlanket January 29, 2012
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A parent who doesnt let their child out of the house often!
Sorry! I cant come over tonight, the warden wont let out of the house!
by Prisoner004 August 29, 2010
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A guy, or girl, who thinks they're strong and better than everyone . They act like a "Warden". Are mostly assholes and only care about themselves.
That guy is such a Warden.
by IraqLobsterSlayer December 28, 2017
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