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Warda's are beautiful ,and really easy to talk to. Shes has a really creative imagination, she can also be very violent at times if u mess with her or she can just hurt you for fun. she likes to be alone sometimes. Warda's are very funny and weird with great personality. Warda's are dreamers who create their own imaginary world inside, but know one know's. They don't like to leave people out. Warda's loves to make lot's of friends and people usually love to be around her. When ever you need an idea Warda's can always give you one. Warda's can also be mysterious . Warda's like to have ideas and things which not many people have. and expresses themselves through music. If you have a Warda your really lucky.
girl 1: " look its warda, lets ask her if she has an idea"
girl 2: " yeah, lets go. I think she might hurt me again" :)
by panda_bear12 September 14, 2014
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a blooming rose, delightful girl in her own ways. Self-conceited at times but nonetheless, freaky.
Look, its warda! Run!
by s0ulja069 April 21, 2009
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