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1. having the creative spirit and freedom of the mind and body to accomplish one's desires.

2. seeing the world through many perspectives and points of view in hopes of creating a better tomorrow
Spongebob: With Imagination, anything's possible :D
by Squishy McGiggles February 22, 2012
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Something a lot of mature people don't have. Imagination is what people need in life.
Imagination is the greatest super power a person can have.
You can think up anything and make it come to life with the power of imagination.
by DarthBentley September 26, 2015
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A virtual space of creativity inside your brain.
Nicole: Man, did you cheat on that art test we had to do last week?
Mark: Of course not. I just painted pictures with my own imagination.
by @!&! November 20, 2009
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That magical point in your life when you think your crush likes you back
Dude, I think she likes me!
Naw bro. That's your imagination.
by Youdon'tmotherfuckingsay September 07, 2014
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With a BIT of imagination you can picture your messenger friends by using IM agination.
No, my online, buddy, I'm not just a figment of your IM agination.
by Hercolena Oliver July 10, 2008
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