a girlfriend or boyfriend who regularly hacks into your email and reads it without your knowledge.
Damn, that boy is a total Warden. He's been reading my gmail for months. DTMFA.
by lilajane May 16, 2008
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a girl who keeps her boyfriend on lockdown...making him her bitch
The Q-Doctor had to ask for the warden's permission before he agreed to hang out.
by birdman May 23, 2004
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1 Person who watches convicts, usually portrayed in a negative light.

2 Person who is unecessarilly strict with person in their control: "parent"
1 The warden took him to solitary

2 She can't sneak out out, the warden's prowling.
by Evvie July 19, 2005
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Someone who is very set in their ways, and likes everything organized to their personal satisfaction. This person has a strict set of rules, which he expects to be followed. Has OCD with dirty dishes and things out of place.
Person 1 "Let's have a party at your place"

Person 2 " Um, that's probably a bad idea. If the warden finds out I'm gonna be in big trouble"

by Teka22 March 25, 2009
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