An idiot that thinks her life is FreeOldies forum, and that anyone who messes with it, is personally insulting her.

She's also fond of thinking of herself as an important person in life because she is an admin there. Seriously, who gives a fuck?

She's so obsessed with her place on that hellhole of a website, that she enforces strict facsist rules on all members (excepts her friends, superiors, or veteran members), especially/mainly new comers, who are then reffered to with the dereogatory term "dum fuk noob/newb" until they have been on the forum for about a month, despite of all the harrasment i.e "fuk u newb, u don't know what u r sayin" or simply being ignored:

"newb: I have an answer to your problem all you have to do is ...

long time member: I have an answer to your problem all you have to do is ...

guy with problem: thanks long time member!

newb: hey I said that answer first! why am I always ignored?!

long time member 1: stfu noob weasel rules respect her

long time member 2: it's because ur a newb respect the long time members fuck you noob go away we dont need you here weasel rules

newb: man...this forum sucks ass and who the hell is weasel?

weasel: I am and you are banned for one week for flaming you newb!! STFU AND GTFO

newb: yeah right, like i'm EVER coming back to this shit ever again

weasel: that post will get DELETED

long time member 3 that doesn't like weasel: yes i agree you should be banned, you were very offensive and hateful to my friends. however I think weasel is taking this way too far, it was very strict of her to ban him just like that. please dont hurt me!

weasel: you little assclown! how DARE you stand up to my order! this is your last warning! dont fuck with me!"

And so the endless cycle continues. The only "newbs" that stay are retards oblivious to whats going on, and the only people that stay and dont fight back are phucktards afraid of getting banned and scolded by weasel world wardancer.

Be that as a lesson. It may seem like a parody in which things are hugely exagerated, but thats how things are like in that forum. Dumb smacktards with no life.

If they see this they will obviously do whatever they can to remove it.

And if it does get removed, it just shows how ignorant they really are, for they're just prooving my point even more.
Being in FreeOldies is like being in nazi Germany when Weasel Wardancer is around.
by Shenmoo June 17, 2004
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noun - Admin of the Free-Oldies board, which sucks because it's French, and the members are lame.
"Weasel Wardancer is french..."
by AnatomyIsDestiny March 16, 2004
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